Are you an Undutchable ?

Actually there’s no such thing as the average ‘Undutchable’. However, the people we employ do share certain characteristics. They are all looking for skilled, professional work in The Netherlands and they are native speakers of a language other than Dutch.

Undutchables Recruitment Agency matches well-educated international personnel to vacancies that require the native command of a language other than Dutch. Working for major companies in The Netherlands, our clients include international sales and finance departments, customer services departments and call centres, which are looking for native speakers and multilingual staff.

We deal in both permanent and temporary jobs. At present, approximately 90% of our vacancies are for permanent full-time jobs, varying from administrative to executive level.

Established in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven we have the expertise to find you the skilled, professional job with prospects that suits your education, experience, interests and personality.

We also intent to be an employer helping you to aclimate in the Netherlands by providing our employees with professional advise and by offering Language courses. And in May you should not miss our Eurovision Song contest party!